News Media Literacy for the ELA Classroom

Over the past decades, technology and social media have changed the way the average citizen consumes mainstream news. With growing concerns about ‘fake news’ and website algorithms controlling what news we see, news media literacy is more important than ever.

Within the broader scope of media literacy, news media literacy education specifically focuses on teaching students the skills needed to become critical news consumers by understanding bias in news and evaluating sources.

While many organizations are creating news media literacy lessons or even curriculum, most are designed as standalone units or courses and are often intended for journalism/publications students.

This page focuses on incorporating news media literacy topics into non-journalism English and Language Arts courses for high school students, by featuring lesson plans and resources which can easily be used in any ELA classroom, independently or as part of a larger unit.

About these lessons:
These lessons were completed as part of my online Master’s of Arts in Journalism Education degree program from Kent State University.

For more background information, please read my Project Proposal and my Final Report.

To access the lessons:
Lessons on News Media Literacy

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions about any of the lessons?
Please contact me – I would love to hear from you!

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