Facing my fear of video


My niece is currently enrolled in the same undergraduate journalism degree program from which I graduated. We were discussing her classes yesterday and she said “you know, that big video project you have to do….” and I stopped her there. When I was in the program from 2004-2010, there was no video component. I managed to graduated just as convergent media was becoming a “thing” and never took a single video or multimedia course in my entire bachelor’s degree program.

Then, I got hired at one of the (very) few small school districts in East Texas that had completely separate print and broadcast programs already established. I taught all of the print courses, while another teacher, on the opposite side of campus, handled video.

As such, over the years, I’ve developed a real fear of anything video-related and had almost convinced myself that I was incapable of shooting and editing video.

For this project, though, I had to do both. I also had to tackle another fear – interviewing a stranger for the interview portion of the project.

I scheduled the interview, but then my subject had to cancel at the last minute for a family situation. So, I went as scheduled and shot some B-roll footage, with my story ideas in mind, but not having any A-roll to base it on.

Eventually, I was able to shoot the interview. I wanted to shoot it outside, but it was a VERY windy day, and I knew that I would have lots of noise interference from the wind. So, we did the interview in the business office, where we could be alone – except for the alarm system, which went off every time someone opened the front door.

After returning home and working on my video edits, I quickly realized that my B-roll didn’t match my A-roll audio, and I had to return to the orchard again to shoot more of the farm store and the items they have for sale.

I know my video is far from perfect, but I’m glad that I did it, and now I know that it IS possible. I think the biggest thing I gained from this project – and the course itself – is that I *can* do hard things. Multimedia things. The things that I’ve been expecting my students to do all along.

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