An Interview Adventure

Like I’ve already mentioned in previous blog posts this semester, my familiarity with audio and video technology leave something to be desired, even for an amateur. I’ve always tried to avoid either, and I especially hate listening to my own voice – which doesn’t lend itself well to audio OR video production work.

For this week’s assignment, I was to create a podcast over a work-related topic, after interviewing someone on that topic. We had to incorporate multiple audio layers and work with editing, fading, layering, and other audio principles.

Because I no longer work in a traditional journalism classroom, I wanted to interview one of my colleagues about life as a yearbook rep. I selected my co-worker, and former student, Kimberly Ferguson. Because Kimberly and I live over 3 hours apart and both have busy schedules outside of work, it was difficult to coordinate our schedules.

When we finally sat down for our interview, I had typed up questions and a partial script for myself to go by, but found that because I know Kimberly so well, the conversation was fluid and the interview went off without much effort.

A couple of days later, when I sat down to start editing my interview, I found that the ease in which it happened had created two problems. One, editing was actually a little harder because there were no awkward pauses or long stretches of thought… we both tended to talk in turns and leave little space between our sentences to add transitional elements.

Additionally, in my excitement to get the interview out of the way, I completely forgot that I had also been expected to take a headshot of Kimberly. Unfortunately, we won’t be in the same place again for several weeks, so I didn’t get that part of the assignment fulfilled.

However, I didn’t want to leave you wondering what Kimberly looks like, so I did include a headshot of her which was used with permission from our company directory.

Of course, if a student had returned to me from assignment, essentially missing half of their expected work, I would have been pretty upset – and yet, here it had happened to me – and I had quite a bit more time to work on this assignment than what I ever gave my students.

Maybe this class is teaching me a lot more than just multimedia techniques. 😉

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